Our Story

Our Inspiration

Inspired by artfully created and imaginative French confectioneries, every Chocolette piece is exquisite and thoughtfully designed, offered in a tasteful variety of colors to suit any theme or occasion.



Two Women. One Vision.

Chocolette was founded by two moms, Lynette and Audrey, who met by chance and held the same vision for their own little girls. Based in upstate New York, they found limited options of beautiful clothes to dress their little girls in. They decided to combine the old charm of the region with more modern yet classic styles – and Chocolette was born.


Our Creations

We make our creations as refined on the inside as they are on the outside. They are constructed in small batches with luxurious fabrics, and masterful craftsmanship ensures each seam is deliberate and comfortable. Lynette and Audrey spend lots of their time sourcing for the best fabrics and perfecting the design and fit of each dress. We take pride in partnering with other women, the most skillful artisans, to make our dresses.